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xcessive armpit sweating is not life-threatening, but it can severely affect the quality of your life. You will hesitate to go to public places. In fact, you might restrict yourself from wearing stylish and fashionable clothes. You might use deodorant and try other ways to suppress the odor. Are they effective? Might be, but for a temporary period.

But how will you know the sweating is excessive? It is difficult to say how much underarm sweat is excessive. There is no convenient method to measure the amount of sweat. You might need to change your clothes more frequently. You might notice yellow patches in that area in your shirt or outfit. It might make you feel stressed and irritated. These are a few signs of excessive sweating.

Sweating is a common condition. Now around three percent of people are having excessive sweating. Sweating is worst in underarms. A sweaty armpit can be frustrating. When excessive sweating is limited to your soles, palms, and underarms, it is called focal hyperhidrosis. This is the medical term of this condition. Many people can lead a normal life with a sweaty armpit. TA sweaty armpit might not cause any other health complication. But underarm sweat will affect your personal and professional life for sure.

We normally ignore a sweaty armpit since it is not associated with any other physical complication. Though it is perfectly normal to sweat more on a few occasions, still, it can be a symptom of some severe diseases including hypothyroidism and cancer. Therefore, it is always suggested to treat a sweaty armpit in a professional clinic.

You will find different types of treatment options for a sweaty armpit in Bristol UK. When you feel that your body is producing as much as five-time sweat than normal then you should visit an experienced doctor for treatment. The treatment for excessive sweating as well as sweaty armpit is available. Instead of suffering from this condition, you can go for a suitable treatment for sweaty armpit to stop sweating.

Do you want to know more about the sweaty armpit, sweaty armpits causes, sweaty armpit treatment, and how to stop underarm sweating in a significant manner? Do you want to know about the available Hyperhidrosis treatment options? If yes, then the following article is written for you only. This article will focus on all possible aspects to help the visitors to know more about a sweaty armpit and possible treatment options. You will come to know about a popular clinic in Bristol UK that can help you to stop armpit sweat as well as to lead a normal and happy life. This article is written for all those who want to sweat less and live more with a content and confident life.


The term sweaty armpit is used to describe the production of excessive sweat in the areas of underarm. The medical name of sweaty armpit is Hyperhidrosis. In this condition, your body produces more sweat than normal. Sweating is a normal process to regulate your body temperature. However, when it exceeds the limit, it is called excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis. A sweaty armpit can be easily treated with medical help. You will find different types of treatment options to treat your underarm sweat.

Why does armpit sweat so much?

The human body contains around four million glands. These are apocrine and eccrine glands. Apocrine glands are normally concentrated on the hair grown hairs such as armpit and eccrine glands develop across all the areas of your body. Moreover, apocrine glands cause body odor and that is why your armpit swells worse than other areas of your body.

When these glands become overactive, people start to sweat more than normal. If you find that your armpit is sweating constantly regardless of your stress and temperature, then you might be suffering from axillary hyperhidrosis.

What are the signs?

If you sweat all the time without any obvious cause, it is an indication that your apocrine glands are overactive. The sweating will be spontaneous and uncontrollable. In this condition, powders, deodorants, and antiperspirants will not help much to suppress the odor. This condition is common in both females and males. But the problem is that people ignore a sweaty armpit treatment due to different reasons. They find it embarrassing and think that a sweaty armpit cannot be treated.

Sweaty armpit causes

As mentioned earlier, the cause of a sweaty armpit is an overactive gland. There are two types of hyperhidrosis that are caused by two types of glands. These two types of hyperhidrosis are generalized and focal. When generalized hyperhidrosis is caused by eccrine glands, focal or axillary is caused by apocrine.

Generalized hyperhidrosis

In that condition, excessive sweating occurs all over your body. It is normally caused by a chronic disease, medical condition, and any other disorder that disrupts the natural balance of your body’s hormone. You can also get excessive sweating as the side effect of some medications.

Focal hyperhidrosis

Focal hyperhidrosis occurs on some particular parts of your body that will include your armpit, face, soles, hand, and a few other areas. It is not a contagious condition. But yes, if any of your family members is suffering from this condition, then you are in the risk zone. Genetic has a role in the sweaty armpit.

What makes your sweat glands overactive?

Many things can contribute to an overactive gland such as heat, medication, and stress. The details of a few conditions are the followings.

Heat and exercise:

With exercise and in a hot environment, there will be an increase in basic metabolic rate causing the surface of your body to heat up. As the result, it will trigger the hypothalamus to cool your body by the activation of your sympathetic nervous system. These nerves will make your glands to be active in your armpit and other parts of the body that will stimulate the sweat production and will make you sweaty.


The caffeine can activate your sympathetic nervous system that causes a sweaty armpit. If you experience excessive sweating after taking tea, coffee, and sodas, then you should minimize the consumption.


Stress can cause a lot of health complications and a sweaty armpit is one of them. Stress can boost the production of hormone epinephrine that will stimulate apocrine sweat glands in your armpit to cause sweaty armpit. An emotional sweating is known as a cold sweat as it occurs before an increase in your body’s core temperature.

Medical conditions

Certain medical conditions can also cause a sweaty armpit. You can get excessive sweating due to hormone imbalance and hyperthyroidism.

What is the impact of a sweaty armpit?

A sweaty armpit affects a person both emotionally and physically. If you have a constant underarm sweating, then you might release a distinct body odor that is hard to mask even by using the strongest deodorants. You might need to carry extra shirts to avoid the embarrassment of your armpit odor. When a sweaty armpit is left untreated, it can cause many problems. You will try to avoid social gesture. It can cause decreased confidence and depression. Therefore, you should take medical treatment to avoid such condition and to get back your confidence. A sweat armpit can be easily treated by professional clinics.

What are the symptoms & complications?

Excessive sweating under your arms is the main symptom of a sweaty armpit. In many cases, there will not be any health complications. But a sweaty armpit can significantly affect your workplace activities and social life. Many people become very self-conscious about hugging and shaking hands. Feeling humiliation and embarrassment are the major complication associated with a sweaty armpit.

How to stop armpit sweat

You do not need to live with a sweaty armpit for the lifetime. Deodorants and other over the counter medicines can offer you a temporary relief. Instead, you should take the help of professional clinics to bring revolutionary changes in your life.

Different types of treatment methods are available for a sweaty armpit. If you choose an experienced clinic like Radiant Faces, you can expect a fast and more effective solution. The treatment will be specifically designed depending on your individual needs.

What will be the procedure?

Once you visit a doctor, he/ she will first do a physical examination to understand your condition and to design the treatment accordingly. Your doctor might ask for a few tests to rule out the possibility of any underlying disease. They might ask you about your medical history to know the effects of certain medications that might cause a sweaty armpit. Doctors normally ask the following two tests to confirm the condition.

Starch-iodine test: Your doctor will apply an iodine solution on that area and then he will sprinkle starch to see for purple and dark blue color. These colors are the indications of excessive sweat.

Papertest: Doctors place a special paper on that area to measure the weight. Once sweat is absorbed, the paper will be weighed to know how much sweat is absorbed. From the weight, your doctor will know it is excessive sweat or not.

What are the treatment options?

There are many types of treatment options to treat a sweaty arm. Some key types include:

Oral medication treatment

There are some oral medications to reduce excessive sweat by affecting your cholinergic nerves. These medications can reduce armpit sweating in a significant manner. But these are not free from side effects. Side effects associated with these medications are urinary difficulties, sedation, increased heart rate, constipation, and blurry vision.

Topical medication treatment

These medications come with aluminum salts. The higher concentration of aluminum salt can treat a mild sweaty armpit. The key benefit of the topical medication treatment is that you will not have any internal side effect. You might experience some irritation, stinging, or burning.

Iontophoresis treatment

This form of treatment is different from the above two. In this form of treatment, the affected area will be submerged in water where an electric current will be passed through the water. This is a rare form of treatment. It can affect the production of sweat from the glands. The downside of Iontophoresis treatment is that it is time-consuming and might demand several weeks of treatment to get an effective result. The side effects of this treatment include peeling and dry skin.

Botulinum toxin A treatment

Botulinum toxin A treatment is considered best for a sweaty armpit. In this treatment, the doctor will inject a chemical in your armpit that will block the signal from the nerves to your sweat gland. Injections will be made into the skin in every few months and the treatment might continue as long as you want a sweat-free life. The side effects will be minimal such as a headache, pain, and itching.

Surgical procedures treatment

This treatment is the last option. The surgery treatment will disrupt the nerve pathways that make the sweat glands to release sweat. This method will be ideal when all other treatment options prove ineffective. The risk associated with this method is bleeding, nerve damage, and infection.

What the benefits of the treatment?

The benefits will mostly depend on the severity of the condition and the type of treatment. Followings are a few common benefits that you can get while considering any of the above treatment options.

• No body odor

• No need to avoid public places

• No need to feel uncomfortable while hugging and shaking and hands

• No embarrassment and humiliation

• No need to carry an extra shirt

• No excessive sweating

• No sweat patches on your cloth

All these things will make you happy and more confident

What is the best place to treat a sweaty armpit in Bristol UK?

In Birmingham UK, you can visit Radiant Face for the treatment of your sweaty armpit. This professional clinic and their experienced clinicians are capable enough to stop this embarrassing problem. They are able to treat your condition even if the experienced doctors find it hard to address. They use Botulinum injections for the treatment of a sweaty armpit. These injections are very effective to control armpit sweating. This treatment will not offer you a permanent result. But Botulinum treatment can help you to live a sweat-free life for up to twelve to sixteen months. Moreover, the consult will be free. Contact them now via email or phone to book an appointment.

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