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In the recent few years, lip fillers have gathered a massive reputation that now draws them into the consideration for being the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK. The phenomenon has been an exciting trend as more and more women are deciding to give the method a try to make their lip how they want them to be. Chances are higher of having natural lip even after having fillers through injections in the process with an expert clinician. Your new lip will still look very much a part of your whole face rather than an imported item. There are a few facts which are essential to know before you to think of giving the injections a shot.

Facts and data:
Before participating in the process, you must know what the fillers are made up of. The things that will be implanted inside your lip contain either collagen or Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Both of the components will help in fleshing out your lip to their maximum potential. HA, in particular, is known to retain water inside the lips to provide them with a more natural look. Even though the idea is to fatten the lip, one cannot pump them like a balloon. In a few cases, the subject undergoes multiple processes to get the ultimate result as well. The medical practitioner, who will conduct the procedure, will be entirely responsible for not making the lip too large and the best way to control the measure is by going through in multiple phases. Like this, both the patient and the doctors can analyse the changes in the lips after each stage and then carefully consider the next step. Dermal filling surgeries do not cause any significant discomfort to the patients during the procedure. The treatment is very minimal regarding struggle and pain. Although while treating the delicate areas like the lip, the operator will use Anaesthetic cream for protection. These anesthetic creams are abundant in types and availability in the market. They are incredibly efficient in functioning. Furthermore, they wear off in less than an hour, helping the lip to gain back their usual look. Right after the procedure, the lip will remain swollen due to the fillers. However, they will be back to their routine and the expected state after twenty-four hours. Although the substance that has been used as fillers in the treatment as well as the age of the patient matters in the healing process, there is diversity in the recovery process from person to person as well. For the first timers, it is best to use a softer HA filler that will last for the next six months. The short time span will provide them with a window for considering whether to make the change permanent or make some adjustments next time. Furthermore, Collagen filler has longer lasting than HA fillers, making it harder for the patients if they want to have any change immediately after the treatment.

Definition of lip augmentation:
Lip augmentation is a medical procedure conducted under expert clinical supervision to enhance the dimensions of lips. After the process, they look fleshed out and pumped with the help of the injected fillers inside the mouth. Injection of fillers is the most common and trendy method of lip augmentation today. While Hyaluronic Acid remains the favourite for all the clinics that conduct lip augmentation, several other dermal fillers can be implanted inside our lip and around the mouth to achieve a pre-determined result. HA is a natural substance, which is found inside our body. They help by acting as the principal substance that increases the volume of the lips. Collagen is also another alternative to HA for filling. Although collagen has been a favourite element in the past that was used for pumping up the lips, the latest substances are longer lasting and start affecting almost immediately.

Types of lip augmentation:
Lip enhancement treatments have seen a significant rise in recent times, particularly around Bristol and the other parts of UK. The trend has been significant as increasing number of women are considering getting their lips reshaped and restructured. Even though the process looks promising, you must know all about the procedure before volunteering for it. There are mainly three types of lip filler lip injections that are relative to the lip enhancement treatment, and each of the injections offers a unique and distinct look for the patient.

The three most common lip filler injections that are used in the process are Restylane, Juvéderm Ultra XC, and Juvéderm Volbella XC. There are other substitutes for permanent lip injections as well, but these three are the most common injections in practice.

While it is possible for anyone to have a conflict of thoughts regarding the types of lip plumping injections, these injections have their function whether it is to add volume, change the shape or lift the lip. Although you will be suggested on your prospect of lip enhancement while you are discussing with your dermatologist, it is always beneficial to be stacked up with information and knowledge that will help you in zeroing on a final decision.

Restalyne: This injection has hyaluronic acid filler, which has an encouragingly great kinship for water. It will work at retaining moisture on the lips. The filler has a high elasticity that indicates the lips will have the ability to give a definition. The injection will also offer a lift to the lips with viscosity helping the lips to maintain its shape. Restalyne is used more often than the other two options in the list as it makes the lips more natural looking. The injection has an average longevity of six to nine months. Juvéderm Ultra XC: This particular injection has more significant percentage of hyaluronic acid than both the other two filler alternatives in the list. The elasticity in this injection is also comparatively much lower than the other two options giving the lips a softer feel and a horizontal spread of direction. The filler is best suited for those patients that want their enhancement to remain for at least a year. Juvéderm Volbella XC: This filler is the latest among the list of lip enhancement fillers. The injection is particularly remarkable as it the lowest regarding hyaluronic acid and also has the lowest affinity with water as well. The needle offers an elusive volume augmentation, which is soft and natural. Although the after-effects of this filler are not drastic as compared to the other two names on the list, expect the effects to remain for at least a year or more. The Juvéderm Volbella XC is best known for providing a soft, elusive, fleshy lip with a long-lasting effect.

Benefits of lip augmentation:
Lip augmentation is making rapid progress as it enjoys a steady increase in patients from Bristol and across the United Kingdom who are looking for fuller lips. The primary benefits of lip augmentation are improved looks and heightened self-confidence. Lip fillers are implanted to aid disproportionate or naturally thin lips into smooth and fleshy lips within one or a few trips to the clinic.

Let us dive into a breakdown of all the benefits that lip enhancement treatments have to offer for a better understanding.

Instantly fuller lips: The most significant and vital benefit of undergoing a lip enhancement procedure is the fast results. Within a span of twenty-four hours, you realize the changes that you wanted in your lip. Longevity: One of the most commonly asked question by the patients while discussing lip enhancement treatment is how long will the fillers work. Another benefit of choosing this particular cosmetic treatment is its longevity. The long-lasting effects of the procedure do span from six months to a year and a half. Between the time periods, your lips will look fresh and natural. However, the longevity of the fillers and its effects depend heavily from person to person as well. Natural treatment: The lip fillers are used through injections to develop as well as enhance the natural beauty of the patients. The cosmetic procedure is conducted by utilising a natural component called Hyaluronic acid. The element is physical as it is found inside our body. By opting for the treatment, the patients preserve their moisture on the lips, complement their skin tone and build a soft lip shape and volume. Minimum Swelling: While undergoing the procedure, expert clinicians apply anesthetic cream to secure the soft and delicate areas from any significant discomfort. Patients do not experience any struggle or pain while the process is on. A testament to this is the minimal swelling post the surgery. The swelling and bruises heal within the next twenty-four hours. Control lip volume: Lip fillers are the best solution for those who are not satisfied with the original degree of volume in their lips. With the lip filling treatment, they will able to get the right amount of volume in their lips, therefore helping their cause.

Individuals that are thinking of undergoing a lip enhancement treatment must report any pre-existing allergies to their clinicians. The same goes for people who are considering undergoing a lip implant procedure. They must communicate about any respiratory problems that could potentially be intensified by anesthesia.

Before undergoing a lip surgery, patients should discuss pre-operative instructions with their surgeons. If they are going for lip augmentation or lip implant procedures, they must stop consuming any medication and herbs a couple of weeks before the date of surgery. They must also avoid drinking or eating after midnight before the operation. Wearing comfortable clothes to the medical appointments is also a necessary instruction to follow. They must also stay away from wearing any makeup, jewellery and lenses before surgery.

Lip augmentation processes generally take thirty to forty-five minutes in a clinic. Right before beginning with the procedure, the doctor will mark some points around the lip area where the fillers will be injected eventually. Patients do not take a long time for recovery after the particular process. The soft swelling and minor bruises take less than a day to get back to normalcy. There is no significant physical exertion, as long as they are not taking any additional pain medication that may cause future impairment.

Many people put fuller and bigger lip right at the top of their bucket list. This is possible with the substances that are found inside the human body, establishing the fact that a lip augmentation process can be natural. A small and straightforward dermal filler treatment can change the whole definition of thin lips. The method is also capable of balancing asymmetric lips or reduces any possible vertical lines around them. The average expense for undergoing a lip surgery in the United Kingdom is round about £300. However, the cost tends to vary in plenty of aspects such as the clinics, brands of fillers, the number of fillers and any further requirement. However, there are cases when the cost bracket has exceeded £500 due to additional service.

The lips are a soft part of our face and are expected to have impacts with age-related changes. Lip augmentation is the amalgamation of both science and art. As lips are one of the unique and delicate parts of a body, they need an expert clinician’s presence and participation in any treatment.

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