patient 10 step covid-19 protocol 


1. You will be sent a covid-19 screening questionnaire and a medical history form my email which you will scan and return.

2. We will ask you to arrive at the practice promptly for your appointment on your own unless its an appointment for a child

3. We will ask you to make all payments via contactless card payment or via telephone

4. Please only bring your mobile phone, payment method and keys in a wipeable bag which will be placed in a container.

5. Wait in the car or outside until we ask you to come into the reception area.

6. When you enter the practice, you will not be allowed to touch anything, and you will be expected to clean your hands and you may have your temperature taken

7. You will be triaged and asked to confirm details that you have already sent us prior to your appointment

8. Please also bring your own pens to sign any relevant documentation

9. You must follow the 2-meter social distancing throughout the practice and stand in the relevant numbered boxes as guided by the nurse.

10. Once your appointment has finished you will be exiting the practice at the rear of the building



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